Sky Father


What Resources did we use to create Sky Father?

Smart SVN

Smart SVN is a client for using SVN technology. This provided us a way that we could colaborate on the project much more efficently than when we first started. Basically we hosted the whole project on the internet, and this made it so that each on the contributors could access and modify the enitire project.

Cocos 2d-x

When it came to chosing a game engine, it seemed to us that Cocos 2d-x was a clear choice. It is open source and free, but it has an exceptional quality that is hard to find in pretty much any other "free" game engines.


Back in 2013 when we first started developing Sky Father, we sucked at animation. Zach had had some previous experience working with things like Flash, but we didn't have access to any sort of animation software. This meant frame by frame placement of images, which is very inifective and tedious. Adopting Spine into our project was one of the key turning points that made it so this game could become a reality.


Tiled is a map editor that plays pretty nice with Cocos 2d-x and has helped us to create our many levels. It's free, it does what we need, and isn't to difficult to use.


All of the graphic design for this game was done with Gimp. Many people feel that Photoshop is the only contender in the Graphic Design world, but Gimp stands in opposistion to that claim. If you take the time to learn it, Gimp can be a super powerful instrument in creating quality content. Its power definetely rivals Photoshop, but user-familiarity and simplicity are not it's strong suites.

Sprite Illuminator

Sprite Illuminator is just nice to have. It helps create lighting effects that really make the game pop. Even though it is simple and may seem a bit boring with its small scope of capabilities, it can really help you add a beautiful layer of polish to your product.

How large is the whole project?

We have been creating assets for over 5 years, but only some of them have made it into the project. The release version for windows is currently around 1.1 GB as it currently stands. Can you guess how large the enitre project is? (Remember SmartSVN makes a backup copy, so that doubles the size)

Enter Guess of how many GB's: