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Upcoming Book Releases

Below is a table outlining the upcoming book releases for the next few months. It includes information on the author, book title, genre, release date, and price. Keep note of books that you're interested!

Upcoming Books

Author Title Genre Release Date Price
Nora Andres Origin Of The Light Adventure September 12, 2017 $20.00
Erica Rowe Little Birds Of My Imagination Childrens September 24, 2017 $10.00
Simone Bass Lost In The Library Some Genre October 7, 2017 $15.00
Viona Ola Murder Of Spring Fantasy October 11, 2017 $15.00
Armando Wirt Girls And Droids Sci-Fi October 22, 2017 $20.00
Valent Hansson Man Gamble Humor November 3, 2017 $12.50
Preethi Martin Accepting Dreams Romance November 18, 2017 $14.75
Asha Sands Snowman Of Miracles Childrens December 2, 2017 $10.99

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